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Deutsch und Englisch???

I am now learning German at university,(I am a Chinese)and I have a problem,English and German are confusing ,I an not sure I can learn them well at the same time,so I stop it with,I find that I've  forgot too much.Someone have the same problem? I am gonna anyway pick it up again,CHERE UP:)



I had samilar problems with you before, but i suggest you dont lern these two language at the same time, German and English are both belong to germanic language,

many words are same or samilar, but many words have different meanings, you have to speak them in different gramma and with different pronunciation, thats will drive you crazy. anyway, English is more useful for your daily life, so you can first spend more time at it, when your English is proficient, then try German. by the way, i almost can not speak english anymore but writing.

ye, same problem at first, then it gets better.

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