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Most Beautiful Words in Hindi?

The British Council just completed a survey of the 70 most beautiful words in English according to a survey of 7000 English learners in 46 countries. Since so many of us are Hindi learners, I thought it'd be fun to do the same for Hindi.

Here are my contributions -- chosen not for their meaning, but for their sound:

1. silsilaa (continuation)
2. saawariya (beloved)
3. rishtaa (relationship)
4. khwaahish (desire)
5. irshyaa (jealousy)
6. aasmaan (sky)
7. laalimaa (poet)
8. laasna (to shine)
9. maalika (mistress, owner, ruler)
10. sama.ndar (ocean)
11. shaaswat (eternal, immortal)
12. asuvidha (inconvenience)
13. resham (silk)
14. jhilmilaa (shimmering)
15. iimaan (belief, creed)
16. vaastavikta (reality)
17. saavan (rain)
18. baarish (rain)
19. loha (iron, steel)
20. jhaa.njharii (sound of an anklet)



What a beautiful list!

To me, both for its sound and meaning, I'd choose "Rangeelaa" (रंगीला ).

Beautiful words indeed...


Some of my favourites (for both sound and meaning) are:

zindagi ज़िन्दगी, dil दिल, sukoon सुकून, khoobsoorat खूबसूरत, himmat हिम्मत, sabr सब्र, irada इरादा, kahaani कहानी, dhadkan धड़कन, shabd शब्द, bharat भारत, ... :)


@goldie, I didn't understand the 7th word laalimaa.


@ Swapnil, " paramarsh " is advise not discussion . "Vichar vimarsh" is discussion.

Laalimaa is not mean "Poet".

It means Redness.



जब सूर्य उगता है , पूरब में लालिमा छा जाती है।


When Sun rises, redness appears in east.


- धन्यवाद

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