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I Love Farsi <3

hello everyone, i would really like for someone to have me as an online friend and be able to teach me and improve my farsi, i started learning like 1 month ago, and now i need to use my words so i need someones help, thx.



I can help you because I it is my native language :) I am trying to improve my english and french at the moment

If you want, we could start via skype. my skype ID is :




hey mohammad :) thx aloooot, but for some reason am not able 2 add u :-?


may u try adding me ?? thx


skype id: amrgoku

i'm here to help you!

I am a native persian and can help you. What is your native language?

hi how r u?i am Iranian and it woould be my pleasure to help you improve your Farsi.

if u wish i can help u

موفق باشی دوست من

hey, I don't know whether or not you still need help, but if you do, I can help you. I'm a native persian. And if you don't, good luck!

U can depend on me , I'm a native persian speaker :)


Same here!! But I am just starting to learn it, any help would be awesome :) I can help with English in return!

Hi Persian (Farsi) is my mother tongue,and I would be really happy to be able to help. :)

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