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Anyone interested in German/Russian reading exchange?

Hello there! I am a native speaker of Russian, and I want to read in German more or less fluently. I wonder if there are any German speakers who would be likewise interested in reading in Russian. If so, we can arrange reading exchange sessions once a week, choose texts that we find suitable, and then discuss them and help each other understand the more difficult places. It could be fun!




how is ur life in London?

I am still in Moscow.Cold but warm

Thats is a good Idea

You should just buy a German novel and try to translate it into Russian chapter by chapter. I've done this last semester and it helped!

Good suggestion, and I will be doing this sort of work anyway. I mean, at a certain stage (actually, at any stage) you greatly benefit from the competence of a native speaker who can guide you through your reading. Although it should be you, and not your guide, who does all the language-mining.

Ja! Ich moechte das gerne mit dir zusammen machen.

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