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Korea is racist country ?

 In Asia, South Korea is famous for Korean wave, plastic surgery, Korean companies and 'racisim' . I can say,as Korean. Korea is racist country. Koreans think that they are best ethnic groups and Koreans are very superior than other races.


 To begin with, Have you guys heard about 'Kopino' ? It's a term created in the Philiphines which means 'Korean - Philiphino' . It is used when we indicates Korean - Philiphino child. Since Koreans eager to improve their English, they often go to Philiphine to learn English and also it is cheaper than western countries. But Korean men forget their main purpose 'learning English' rather , they are interested in Philiphino girls. and have relationship and made her pregnant.The problem is, Korean men do not care about their responsibility. They throw away their OWN CHILD and Philiphino Girl and then come back to Korea, and marry with Korean girls and live happy life like anything havent happened. So, Korean government and Philiphino government even made an organization to help those Kopinios and girls . I think you will think, this problem is everywhere. However, if other foreign men do same as Korean men, Why such organization targeted to Kopinos? I mean, why arent there is term anything than Kopinos ?


 Do you know that in some regions of Cambodia, it is ilegal to marry with Korean men ?Since Korean men marry with them. and then hit extremely , many of women escape from Korea or try to escape. even kill the Korean husband from the stress .or the husband kills the foreign women. 


 Do you know that Koreans have many words to degrade Chinese and Japanese?Well, It's same as Chinese and Japanese to Koreans, but the problem is that, Korean teachers use those ethnic insults while teaching.

EBS, one of our best education channels, I was studying Korean history, and the teacher draw North east Asian continent on the board . He draw China and Korea. but no Japan. He said, he never wanna draw Japan . Can it be possible to happen in other countries ? in the public education channel?I doubt as well. To be honest, I was very influenced by this Korea's strange education system degrading other Asian countries. So I also, had extrem againstness towards other countries. not only me , many of my friends still insult neighborwood countries . good phenomenon !?


 On the youtube. You can search 'racist Korea'. something like that. and you will see the experiment on Koreans broadcasted by EBS.

There are white man tourist and Southern-east Asian tourist. and they ask directions. but no any Koreans answered to Southern-east Asian tourist saying 'I dont have time ' or just ingored him not even trying to see him. on the other hand. Korean answered nicely to the white man or even introduced the directions by walking with him.


 Like 5 years ago, In elemantary textbook they depicted attitudes toward foreigners

There was white boy on the picture and the bottom line of Korean saying 'When he having hard time, we should help him to learn Korean '

There was a abit dark boy on the picture and the bottom line of Korean saying

"Let's not discriminate him just because he is poor looking'


 When I was young, white beige colour was called as 'skin colour'.Still, many people use this word . It was first created in Japan in 1967 and already banned. but Korea still use it .


 Many of foreign workers in Korea are having hard time by exploited and discriminated. They work like 24 hours a day, but the payment average is 1/5 than normal Koreans


 They are more evidences prove Korea is racist country. I just write here not to degrade our country's national value. but by showing this real facts. I hope you just not interested in Korea for shallow Kpop booms . they are spread some of countries and I think it brainwashes you guys. but .. well the reality of Korea is not that good than you think.



I was already aware of all you wrote, I was really shocked when I first saw the videos and heard the news about those things. I am glad you are open-minded enough to post it here and that you don't agree with any of that. 


I hope general Koreans' minds change soon.

I'm really sick of this country and people.

I'm ashamed of my country when foreigners visit and meet Koreans.

People are narrow-minded and stressed all day.

I hope I move to foreign country soon.



South Korea is the country where its own people killed our former president. How can this country can be developed?


Education is sick which makes me puke.They always say it's not right and crazy but they do not try to change.




I always wondered about that....and you brought up some good points. I saw the EBS video that you mentioned and it was sad :/ Felt bad for the guy... Must admit I'm a KPOP fan and KPOP can "brainwash" people in thinking that ALL koreans are like the KPOP stars and celebrities that you see in music videos, yet Korea just like any other country has its negative aspects as well (heck America also has its problems >w>;;).

Well ^^

Korea is extreme :) 

I didn't even know such a term exist. Kopinos. Sounds like cappuccino. hehe But anyways, Koreans like Filipinas? WOW. My friends will be glad to hear this lol. I have some friends that really like kpop and what do you expect? Of course they want korean boyfriend haha. And I'm not like them. I'm not a kpop fan but a Kdrama fan. I only want a Korean friend to teach me Korean.

About Koreans being racist, I have heared a lot about this one and I don't find it surprising. A lot of people are racist so I think I'm already used to it.


*People in the Philippines are called Filipinos. You may want to use 'Filipina' if you are referring to a girl. But Filipino is a general term so you can use it both for men and women. ^^

Well. Wow. Hahah. I'm somewhat surprised. I knew about the tension between Korea, China + Japan, & the 'dark skin signifying being poor' concept (& the reason behind it), but everything else is new to me. Though, think about it now, I recognize the Filipino X Korean thing from a K-drama I watched + that had been one of the issues there, so, now, I understand. lol. I just never knew it was that bad. I always knew that Japan tended to be racist, but I guess I never thought about it applying to other Asian countries so extremely.



 Even thinking more into it, the prejudice + stereotypes are quite evident in K-pop lyrics + some drama that happens within that industry too. There's a website I follow avidly that speaks on Asian relations to other races, specifically, Black women to Asian men (spanning all of Asia/Polynesia + also Native Americans) & some articles get really interesting sometimes. []

...And I'll personally admit that I would like to date a Korean man (but, of course, he'd more than likely be Americanized), but not due to the whole K-pop craze. [The way I actually became interested in Korea culture and the language is a long, weird story that I won't tell. Hahah.] I figure dating a Korean or having Korean friends would help me learn the language a lot more quickly (none of which I've managed). It's kinda funny that my interest didn't happen to fall on learning Japanese because I have 4 friends learning Japanese (I'n the only one interested in Korean) and dated a Japanese guy. Oh, the irony... [Sorry - had a lot to say. Hahah.]

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