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Korean tourist beaten up by Greek gang grouped-policemen .


 He beaten up by policemen in Greece.


 They asked to our people to show certificate for comming Greece. 


 But he refused since he heard their are fake police men in Greece thesedays.


 After he refusing, one of policemen punch his mouth powerfully. 


 So, The Korean shouted to get help, and then other policemen came who looked 'normal' , but then they beaten him severely.


 Even he showed his certificate, they kept beating him. shouting 'go home' and insulting his race as Asian.


  So he escaped and helped and asked to Korean embassy and the Greeck police station to get help. 


 So , our embassy is searching now to get compensation and apology from Greek government. However, the Greek police keep being silent and shut their mouth up still now as if nothing happened. 


 I hope this solve out immidiatly. 





Maybe you understand that racism is a pretty widespread problem now. 

Travelling helps, because it forces you to see that your way is not the only way.



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