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girl or boy or both......

why  people  DISCRIMINATE between Girl and Boy Child



i think depended that where did you grow up if you are in one country that people love boy and boy are so important for them you become like that people mustly



but i love girls

he he heLaughing


I don't quite sure I understand your question.
What do you mean by "discriminate" ?
In some country there are rules that prescribe what should a man and a woman do.
Sometimes these rules are silly and really wrong.
But it is not only boys and girls discrimination issue.
There are many silly, wrong and unfair things in the world.
That's our life :)
Again, I don't quite sure I understand your question properly :)



Oh, now I understand :)

You've read this entry

Who knows?But for me that doesn't matter.

Those who discriminate are narrow-minded and ignorant.

Who said they aren't more clever?They are.

Undecided I understand what you mean.However,I prefer girls.They are better.Wink

As me I like boys.

 boys is powerful than girls.

Becuz they think girls and boys are different and that they should have a different purpose and usage in life..

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