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Weird Korean marriage culture

 Now, for people interested in Korean culture, I want to tell you one shocking fact about Korean marriage .


 In Korea, marriage is not related to the 'pure love' but 'money' and 'family background'. 


 It is custom to exchange money before the marriage.


 Here's about '2000won to 5000won' normally.


 Especially, Korean women are extremly materialistic.  Korean men do not care about how much money she got or do not bother about exchanging money before marriage. However, Korean women are different. 


 They wil not accept marriage if you show a little amount of money to her mother ! 


 They are materialistic . To be with Korean woman,


1. you have to be accepted by her grand father, grand mother, great grand mother , great grand father, great great grand parents, father, mother , aunt, niece .. and so many .

If one of them says strangely , she would not like you.


2. You have to buy her a lot of presents whenever dating.

If not, she would be pissed off because she thinks that she is not pretty so he does not buy her 'that clothes ~~ !! that bags ~~~!! '



3. When she hurts a bit, you have to show her a lot of careness



4. Whenever eating out, You have to prepare extra money for buying her food and presents !

5. You have to celebrate 20 day's anniversary, 50 day's anniversary, 100 day's anniversary, White day, Her birthday, Her mother's birthday , Her brother or sister's birthday, her father's birthday and her friend's birthday

6.You should understand her plastic surgery face . 

7. You should listen to her stories about other girl's face . 

Korean women like to talk about other girls's faces that she is ugly and fat . 


8. You should speak English well


9. You should not fat


Because they like to show off their bf to her friends. If friends say you look bad, she would stop contact you.

It's what I saw from Koreans. 





that was hillarious... ROFL Laughing

It's true.  I hope I'm not influenced by it's social atmosphere :( 

I love the things you write. haha

well.. I just wrote the reality :D



lol Those qualities are not that far from a perfect guy.

Those are just right. I mean who in the earth wouldn't want that kind of guy. As they say, you are not only marrying the girl but also the parents. And, of course, the parents would only want the best for their daughter(and also son) that's why they have those qualifications. umm.. I'm just curious, is this based on experience? Do you know someone whose in this kind of situation? :)

I don't think Korea is the only place where we can find this phenomenon. 

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