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Im Japanese.

Im learning English and Chinese. if you want to practice in Japanese, I may help you!



Hai, watashi wa Bobi desu.

I'm Indonesian.

In my mind, Japan is an extremely interesting country, with all of its languange and culture.

That's why I want to learn more about Japanese.

Can somebody help me ??


I can tell you about Indonesian Languange and culture if you want to.

Its really sweet and nice if we can make a good friend here, and have a fun discussion. :)

Please send me an email in or follow my twitter account in @bakabbon and i'll follow you back.


Arigatou ghozaimasu. :)

I M KAUSHAL 4 india . 

I will very happy if u help in learning of Japanese lanuage.



Hello, My name is Michael and I would love to learn Japanese. I can teach you english in exchange. The reason to which I want to learn japanese is because I want to move to japan. To me Japan is a beautiful and mysterioust place that I would love to explore, so if you could could you please teach me japanese I will teach you english in return. Thanks for reading :D

my skype id is (khanalii) add me on skype


Hi! If you need my help to learn english i will gladly teach you. :) 


nice to meet you~ I like Japanese dorama and animation very much. I am the fan of AKB48.


If you would like some help learning English feel free to let me know.  時間があれば、日本語を上達したいと思います。


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