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Foreign girls with Korean guys.

 From my personal experience, I saw lots of Korean girls date with foreign guys here. But it was complete opposite for Korean guys. I rarely saw Korean guys date with foreign girls.


 There is a reason for it. It is not because Korean guys have no interest on foreign girls but we have a different culture.

 Foreign guys way to be more forward while Korean men really do not ! put much that effort .


I think, many Korean men are interested in foreign girls. My brother likes foreign girls . but he never had a foreign GF even his university was full of foreign girls. 

I asked him if those foreign girls already taken, but he said no but he never had a proper CHANCE to ask out. Like you see, Korean men do not ask out girls unless he has some good guts. They are too shy to ask action,Especially it got harder to ask out to FOREIGN GIRLS than Korean women because they speak English . 


 Korean men have their own bias that they should be smarter than girls. So when their GF seaks English and when they can't understand it could be a big problem for them. Also, communication problems, It's hard to see long relationship with Korean men with foreign girls here.


 Plus.foreign girls here expect Korean men will approach them as they are used to be in their own country. Korean men do not ask out easily but foreign girls just understand his attitude as he does not interested in her . But in real, he is interested in her if he prefer to be with her long time than other girls . 

 In their own country, it is just as friends.. but I don't think Korean men are. At least they have some BIG ! interest ! 


 It is more work for foreign girls to be patient and take action. If foreign girls expect same approach as those foreign guys, nothing will happen. If they approach Korean men first, It would be successful . 





I can't relate in reference to Korean guys, but I can still relate. I had a Japanese boyfriend, non-Americanized. lol. His family was government so he moved around a lot, America was just one of the stops. We were never really friends in middle school, but one day we suddenly became friend after having a class together in our 1st year of high school (it's weird, I know). He probably put out subtle signals to me; playing with my hair, warming my hands (it was cold at the time), putting his arm around me in class; for a few months. It took one of our friends telling me he was interested to really make me believe it, and our friend relayed the message to him that I would say 'yes' if he came to me, but I waited and he never did. It took me asking him to actually start the relationship. ...And I would say it went nicely for all of 1 year. Smile

Haha so true :)



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