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Is it considered CHILDISH to watch anime in Europe (0ㅅ0)// <( ? )

 Since I was young, I've watched a lot of Japanese and Disney animes. I still watch animes like Naruto and One piece when I have a chance to watch them.Butttt I noticed that not so many Europeans watch or watched animes, I know only one European who watch disimon adventure but I don't think he is average European tho and he was odd.



 By the way.. it's strange but.. the reason why I become like Europe is because of the fullmetal alchemist,In that anime, the background is Germany so I started to interested in them and pursued my interest of Europe by reading books and watching their cultures.



Actually very very very many people here in europe do watch anime. Naruto One Piece, Deathnote [...] So many people here are into japan and japanese animes... I'd almost consider it mainstream

I won't agree. 

It's true that anime is much more popular now than it was, but I would not call it mainstream! There is a fair amount of people interested in anime and Japanese culture, but still there is A LOT of people who consider anime just a cartoon for children and consider watching it very childish. I guess those are people who haven't seen stuff like Higurashi tho >.> people, who think that animated = childish.

By, Higurashi, you mean "Higurashi no naku koro ni"?


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