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What do you think about adoption?

I was wondering what people think about adoption.

What do you know about adoption in your country?

Do you agree with it?

Would you consider adopting a baby?



Yes,I like baby,so I think adoption is a good idea,If you have the ability.

adoption is not very popular in our most condition,people adopt children because they want a boy as their son.chileren are very important to parents when they are old,especially sons.i think adoption is a very good thing if people have enough ability,not only money,but also love,that is a child need more.i am not allowed to adopt a child as a single people,and i do not think i could take good care of it.but maybe oneday i could.

I don't know too much about the situation of my country, but I think it's not so common in China.

For me, I would like to have a cat rather than a baby,

My cousin has adopted a russian child....In her case is been fortunate because after few day, she has had him. In italy sometimes the times are much long and you must to wait a lot before to recieve an answer!!!!!


If you love kids and you're financially affordable then why not when it is in your power to act? :-)


I would like to have two kids of our own (my future black-or-white wife and I) and adopt another two (one from Ukraine and one from the Middle East or Africa), if possible. I have had this image of leading an interracial family since I don't remember when...

I have brother he is 2 years old and yes he was adopted for my mom, whe was born in extreme condition, his biological mom had mental health problems, the baby was dying... i'm going to wirte about him to the next note and of course he is strong and healty and beautiful now, I love like a brother. That was the best idea.

To be honest, I can not accept virtual relation about it. If I will, that is because of friend....etc.

On the opposite, I can not understand my relative to send their child to chinese-european.

Then made two again. They steal their mother money for living....dont know them how to think..


It is supposed to be a wonderful experience for you to breed a child no matter if you gave birth to this child . I know some kids were not well nurtured even they were raised by biological parents in my countries especially couples were divorced and mother with children had another new boyfriend. Childrens' step father intentionally torched and beat these poor children to death and their mother did not semm to have any active intervention to her child's distress.

I knew in a pride of lions the new ruling male lion would kill young calfs (not born by him) to mate with female lions. I wondered if there ruthless and cruel stepfather tried to imitate ferocious male lions . You have to notice they are lions , animals , yet, we are human beings.


I really want to help some tortured children however most of them were well known after news broadcast . i really heard most children adopted were well raised and grew up in a delightful and happy environment .I believe mothers or fathers would love their children as parents' love come from the instinct given by GOD , on the contrary, children could be tortured and not well treated even by biological parents as they were possibly grown up in an abnormal family .

I think these scum parents deserve to go to hell no matter with fostered or biological parents.

I heard a news from Russia government . They had decided not to accept fostered parents from USA to breed their russian children. I dont know why they made this decision .

Not yes for me, after all it is still a life. Adoption is not allowed in some countries.

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