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Korean popular song !! and Learn Korean !

 This song is very old, but most of Koreans at my age knows it.

They will feel depressed and sad when they hear this song  because we used to listen this song when we were very young ... I cried a bit when I hear it.. that now I'm 18... 


I really miss my young days.. I want to feel the feeling of being ecited at every night whenever I listen this song ! I sometimes danced with my sister with this song ! :D


For Korean learners I will write translation and meaning

외로웠던 너는 내게 왔지만

Wae-ro-weot-deon neo-neun nae-gye wat-ji-man

Feeling alone, you came to me

기다렸었던건 너는 몰랐었지

Gi-da-ryeot-eot-deon-geon neo-neun mol-lat-eot-ji

I guess you did not know how much I waited for you.

이제까지 바랬었던 순간만이

I-jae-Gga-ji ba-raet-deon soon-gan-mani

This moment that I longed for a long time.

나를 기뻐하게 했었던 거예요

Na-reul gi-ppeo-ha-gye haet-eot-deon geo-yae-yo

Makes me happy 

기억하고 있진 않나요

Gi-eok-ga-go it-jin-an-na-yo 

Don't you remember 

같은 순간

Ggeum-gat-eun soon-gan

The moment like a dream


난 바라는 건 없었 지만

Nan ba-ra-neun-geon eop-eot jiman

I did not expect anything 


나 혼자만 좋았다면 너를 보내고

Na hon-ja-man jo-at-da-myeon neo-reul bo-nae-go

But, If I only liked that monet. I would let you go. 


망설이지 않았겠지

Mang-seol i-ji an-at-gyeat-ji

I would not hesitate to let you go



힘들어도 내게 다가와 이제 너없이는 내가 없잖아

Him-deul-eo-do nae-gye da-ga-wa i-jae neo-eop-i-neun nae-ga eop-janna

Come to me even you are tired because, from now on, there's no me without you. 


매일 보고 있어도 널 볼수 없지만

mae-il bogo it-eo-do neol bol-su eop-ji-man

Even I watch you , I can't see you but 


이제는 난 알아

I-jae-neun nal al-a

Now I know . 


느끼는게 있어

neu-ggi-neun-gye it-eo

 Now I feel 


나는 너를 닮아가

na-neun neo-reul dal-ma-ga.

I becoming resembles you.



its cartoon theme songs..very interesting cartoon hehehe Smile

hahahah yeah :D

is't korean cartoon?

No, It's Japanese cartoon


But IT was sooo big big hit in Korea :D

i see...jieuna I read in the news did say Japanese people are not interested in gangam's true they hate it?

haha yeah

only japanese dislike it

since they jeolous us :P

why?..i really want to know about't because history?


this is what japan did to

korea and china

i's so cruel...similar to what happened in our country during the Japanese colonized...but i think they man is cruel...not a woman...

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