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Lessons Learned In Life

is that really possible to learn on your mistakes?




if we are not able to learn from our mistakes be sure that nothing will progress in our lives

Sure, but it is better to learn on strange mistakes than on own....:)))

hi how are you 


Yes, it is possible, but who do it?

We do the same mistakes again and again.

And if you learn... is it really a mistake?? Wink



I beleive, it's the only way to really learn something well.

If you are trying to do something new you may read hundreds of books, or research other people experiences in what you are trying to do. But it will never teach you what you will lear form doing it yourself, making mistakes and having lessons from them.


“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” 

― Albert Einstein

thats why life is so interesting :)

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