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Where to start?

Thai is totally different from my native language (Tagalog) and English. What should I learn first? The alphabet, vocabulary, grammar? I'm confused with so much materials I have at the moment and I don't know where to start.



 The first step of learning is listening. You should learn Thai vocabularies in dailylife . 

you can find them on youtube. 

Or you may start with The alphabet ก-ฮ (44) after that learn vocab .

Thank you Petch and Pep Gard! I am currently memorizing the alphabet and learning some Thai words. However, I am still uncertain I am on the right track since no one is correcting my tone -_-

Hi Sorry to intercept your topic, May i know why does some of the thai alphabet have same name as word?

How does thai alphabet form word? 

Like in english???A B C to X Y Z???

Would appreciate your comment, thanks in advance




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