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Hello everyone,

My name's Youssef, and I was using the Italki website since a long time. I am a native speaker in Arabic, and I do speak English and French to communicate and teach my language Arabic. I would like to start with German, actually and for real. I was thinking to learn it at the first time, but I found some difficutlies, because it's too different and also it has lots of things that I have no idea how to learn them with someone who can explain to me. But, I feel  better now, I feel I can learn this language, I like its sound and I like people when they speak it. Another thing, German is famous language such as English, Spanish, French...




Good luck with German,Yusuf! When you decide to learn Turkish, I will teach you. :D


thank you my friend, I'll think about Turkish one day "inshallah".

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