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can your online friend be your closed friend or not ?



Why not?!....Sometimes "virtual" friend is better than real:))))))))))))))))

I have some close friends are respectable to me :)I have never meet them but thorough email and chat I know about their health .

Im sure they can be :) 

sure!!! why not??

my chat friends in online game is mw best friend and he often tells his story about his life

Of course !!!

We can know each other on line, we can exchange our ideas online, we can talk about life online. So why can't we be close friends?

It is no need knowing your appearance and this kind of friendship is built on the basic of soul !!

Perhaps when I visit the city you live in, the friend on line can be the guide.What an excited experience!!

Sure Laughing

definitely yes!

yes of course

i have some online  best friend

Of course!

for me also i have some online closed frindes even we didn't talk alot but we try to kepp in touch and I really care about them alot and sure will be great if someone of them come to my country or me go for his country i think this moment will be fun and new experiance but did anyone of you meet his online friend or not :)

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