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Punjabi Pakistani Muslim Culture Question

I would be very grateful if anyone could answer my question. Is the word 'jaan' just used between lovers or can it be used to close family members as well. E.g; a married female to a single male cousin?



'Jaan' general mean 'life' and it use in different ways in different contexts.


In Pakistani punjabi culture 'Jaan' used between lovers. (Meri jaan kesi ho?) Its like saying 'My Baby'.


informally used between male friends (Meri jaan ke totay) to show close relationsip or for tauning an enemy in funny way.


And there is no way that a married female can use 'Jaan' for cousin. She can only use for husband, dughter and son.


Jaan is also used for these relations when addressing them with respect.

Brother: bhai jaan

Father: Abba (abbu) jaan

Mother: Amman (ammi) jaan

Grandmother:  nani jaan (mother's mother), dadi jaan (father's mother)

Grandfather: Nana jaan (mother's father), dada jaan (father's father)

Uncle: chacha jaan, taya jaan (father's elder brother).

Aunt: chachi jaan














Seems like it was worth waiting so long for the responses to come giraffe90 :D

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