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Multi-Language Exchange


Howdy! I am wanting to put together a few groups on skype for anyone who is learning or speaks any the following languages (through voice and/or text, it doesn't matter):







Levantine Arabic





I'd like to at least make some groups where only the target language is spoken, but we can make any kind of group, depending on who responds to this (for example, German-Spanish, English-Russian, Portuguese-French, etc).


Please add me on skype if you are interested! Also, tell me which languages you'd like to be part of, so I know which groups to create. :)


My skype: wokkabomb


See you there!




Hi there! That's a pretty good idea! I've been seeking a group like this to practice English through a language exchange for a long time. My native language is Portuguese and I'm currently learning English. I'm gonna add you on Skype right now! See you!

Hi< I'd like to speak German aslo. If you make one group call me. Ok

i am native Chinese speaker,i want to improve my spoken english ,so my skype Phoebe01021,add me ,thank you

très bien !  Je veux parle en francais-anglais. mon skype: chic_ning

Can I join with you??

Am a native Arabic speaker and am learning English, Italian.

I'm a native Spanish and English speaker. I'd be glad to help anyone who is interested in learning or improving them.  

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