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When did you have your first girlfriend / boyfiend?

I had my first "official" girlfriend in 8th grade. she was just a little girl  that I hung out with.
she  was a great girlfriend. I took her places, like the skate rink, and i paid for everything (because his parents are loaded)... she was  a great dancer... she wasn't a great kisser, but we were in 8th grade anyway.

she was always very sweet to me, made me feel special, and I really liked her.

I broke up with her right before the start of 9th grade because it was high school and I felt it was time to declare a complete change within myself.



My first boyfriend was in 9th grade but I don't know if to actually consider him my real first boyfriend because, Let's just say due to the circumstances we didn't do many things together. I do know he was my first love. 


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