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looking for a korean friend !

i want to learn korean so much. i watch korean movies but without subtitles i cant understand anything. i want a friend to help me understand and write korean.. please helppppppppp!!!!!Smile



mee too i love korean and i need help

lets try to improve our korean skype: gulzatanuar

I also watch lots of Korean dramas lol. Right now I'm watching 유리가면 (Glass Mask). I think maybe your goal is to learn enough Korean to not be able to rely on subtitles so much? Same here.

I'm on the same boat of yours.!!

I wanna learn Korean so that I dont rely on subtitles.

the same way i feel!! i have watched tons of korean movies but i need to read fast to be able to understand what they are talking about. i also have lots of korean songs that i can almost memorize but i don't know what in the world i am singing. 

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