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Danish video lessons!!?

I just started to teach Danish on youtube, I was wondering if any would learn from my videos and what type of video lessons you guys want?




I would find them helpful :)

Well, it would be a good idea to make small dialogues and read them with a small pause so when we have them in mp3 we could repeat what you say.

For example:




-How can I help you?

-I would like to have a ticket for this movie.



And as the level become more difficult, you can make the dialogues more difficult and complex too!


Or you can make videos telling the names of:

-the colours


-diffirent objects (like things we have in the house, things on the streets etc)


These are just some ideas :)


See you!

I wonder if you still use italki!

I will check your videos when I get home.

I'll checkout your videos shortly 


- Alex

Hey, I went to your channle to see these Danish videos and there are none uploaded. When will you upload?



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