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Life as female :P

Do you know the difference between USA and Korea? Of course, US is developed in variety of areas while Korea is just creeping under them . But I think one of the big differences is people's beliefs on themselves. When I was in the airport at Texas , I saw a lot of fat and old American flight attendants while Korean flight attendants were skinny and young . It is because Koreans think looking is important for women.


If you are above 27, you are considered as old women that we call 노처녀 (spinster ) or some say 'used trash' in a mean way. You are hardly accepted to company unless you are pretty .


Survey said 80% of university professionals think student's looking is important when selectng stuents to their university


Many of my friends do plastic surgery thesedays. Injecting fillers to your nose , cut your upper eye to make eyelids , cut your jaw , do brace , cut fat in your ears to inject your cheek etc. we call it 'we do it for better future'  I don't think it is normal for women aged 18 in overseas.


If you go to Gangnam at night , you can see young girls wearing sunglasses or mask. They are girls doing eye surgery or jaw surgery .


I think 50% Korean women had one surgery at least . Just seeing my friends and me...


When I was in the elemantary school , there was a girl whose eyes were so small. and boys in my class called her bacteria that triggers puke . but the problem was that all the classmates called her at the end. and my friend said she wats to punch her eyes to make her eyes bigger .


Sorry I don't know what I'm writting. I feel extremly painful with my under jaw. But some say it is happy thing because I don't eat and exercise at the same time . with this I can lose weight like university student..


Now, You see HOW STRANGE HERE IS !??


I never never never never raise my child in Korea unless Korea changed and matured !!



It sounds just too superfluous and sad. :/

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