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Eternal life

Do you believe in eternal life? What will you see after the death? I am interested in your opinion.



It depends on your actions during your human life.  And the only person that decides where you go is God.  So to answer your question, no one knows except God what you will see after death. 


This is my personal persective, although I was born Jewish, I am strongly influenced by Hinduism.

Does this have anything to do with the Mayans and all that stuff going around the web?, I'm just wondering

Hi Irina, I believe in eternal life, and I think that what comes after death is marvellous for those that follow God, probably I'm influenced by my religion, I'm catholic, but this is my belief. I've had beautiful dreams with my lovely grandma that died some years ago and she was in a beautiful place, unknown to me...that is way I believe that God has something marvellous for each of us...

Yes, I am agree with you. I am christian too and I saw so many videos with witnesses about their clinical death. The spirits of those people returned to the bodys and they told about eternal life. We all can't die and our spirits will be befor God.

I was born Jewish too but I became cristian. Why? Because Jesus is real in my life you  know. I have forgivnes from all my sinns and God loves me. I feel it every day. 


Irina, if there is an afterlife I am hoping there are piles of good books and the time to read them. If heaven is not that, then I am not interested! I also like jelly rings, so I hope that there are jelly rings in heaven. Do you know the candies I am talking about?


I have annoyed a lot of people in my mortal life so far, so I doubt have done much to secure a place in heaven so far.





I am not sure if it matters whether you are Jewish or Christian or Buddhist or Hindu or what have you.  I don't think any religion is superior to the other.  I think, apart from religion, if you have a sincere desire to know God, then that is more than any religion where there are many rituals, but little sincerity to know God.



Yes, I do believe in it! 

I think is natural for anyone the wish to live very long. The death, seen as the very end of existence, should be an option. Otherwise there is no point nor motivation to preserve and protect life, because it would be a imposition, lacking the very manifestation of intelligence: the right to choose. After my death I simply hope to cease to exist. Otherwise, being conscious "at the other side", one could barely claim to be dead.

If u believe in life after death u should be sure that u will be in Heaven with God instead of suffering with Devil,the rule is very simle, u should start searching the Lord!!!

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