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sawadde kha... please teach me thai language

 please teach me thai language and I will teach Indonesian and French language..



I can help you ^^

sawade ka...yeah, I want to learn Thai language and English, can you help me? khob khun..555

Ok, i'm native Thai language and want to improve English too.

but i'm sorry my english so bad,coz i want to learn

no problem ^^

thanks you so much sister...

do you have a Facebook or twitter,sister?

I can help u ^^ I'm Thailand :))

baby,,,i am native thai..i can teach you about thai..^_^


I want to learn French, but really afraid coz so many friends of mine said it's very difficult. I still want to try though. I'm a native Thai speaker studying in the US. So I can help you both with Thai or English. Well, my English is not perfect, but good enough to communicate in daily life.

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