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Date, Time & 2 groups

Hi all,


I have divided all of you into two groups:


Group 1: parposiak, Esraa Posts, toufik, Luis, Chia-Chun, Jen


Group 2: oss, Rachel, Akihiro, Kresentia, yagtash, Gulzar


Since I am a busy person Cool I can only offer one possible time for each group.


Group 1: Sunday, 23th of December, 18:30 German time, (UTC+1)


Group 2: Sunday, 23th of December, 14:30, German time, (UTC+1)


Topics for you to prepare:

- describe yourself (name, age, home country, hobbies)

- explain to us why you are learning German


Please leave a short note under this post so that I know you have read it.



I read it. Smile


aber vielleicht am 18.30 ummm das ist eine frage. ich wiesse nicht ob werde ich frei bin......



OK :)


ok :)

I got it ;)

Okay ;)

Dear all, please note that this will not be a "lesson" as many people call it.


From the 2nd time on, I will prepare material for us to talk about. I only want to get to know you and your goals during our first meeting.


I will also take notes and give advice when necessary but other than that, this is for YOU to talk and help each other. Smile

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