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Starting to learn Chinese

Hi everyone,

I am only beginning to learn Chinese, but already encountered many difficulties of this language, and it looks like I can't manage with them alone (( Though I would love so much to learn about the China, Chinese cultures, Chinese mentality, and also I want to learn Chinese language!



Maybe I can help. If you have any questions ,you can connect me. I am so glad that you like China.

you will find many language partners here Cool

you can start from "你好Ni (1) Hao(3)"=hello


你好吗 Ni (1) Hao(3) Ma? = how are u.

Just step by step.


I come from China,and i want to imporve my English. if you have any questions when you learing Chinese,i will do my best to help you imporve your Chinese if you need my help.

Try drawing some pictures while you are learning Chinese.After some time you are sure to find Chinese easy.

if you want a exchange partner,add my SKYPE and i will be willing to help

   I am glad to help you,i also want to learn english.we can help each other.

hello,mayby we can learn languag by each other,i am chinese in beijing.gald to me you

my native languege is chinese.if you what my help please contact with me,i will try my best to help qq749902767

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