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Learn it in Egyptian - إتعلمها بالمصري

Hello Arabic language learners :D ! 
There are many Arabic-speaking countries that are all related with the formal Arabic. But, each country has it's own spoken Arabic accent that, in some cases, another country may not understand..
In this discussion I'd like to share with you, as a proud Egyptian, the Egyptian Arabic accent..
Please note that the Egyptian Arabic is generally a spoken language and is not used in formal writing !    

First , let's start with the very basic; greetings!:

So, Egy. greetings are very much similar to Arabic ones:

Hello = Ahlan wa sahlan أهلا و سهلا/ Al salamo alaykom* السلام عليكم ( Egys usually just say: salamo 3aleko(m)سلام عليكو)
*This is the Islamic greeting 

And you respond by: Ahlan beek أهلا بيك / Wa alekom el salam ( wa rahmatollahy wa barakato) و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

Good morning = Sabah el kher صباح الخير
And you respond by: Sabah el nour صباح النور

Good afternoon =
Masa'a el kher مساء الخير
And you respond by: Masa'a el nour مساء النور

Good night = Tesbah(y) ala kher تصبح(ي) على خير 
And you respond by: wenta/wenty men ahlo or wenta/wenty men ahl el kher و انت(ي) من أهله / و أنت(ي) من أهل الخير

Goodbye = Ma'a assalama  مع السلامة 
And you respond by: Ma'a assalama  مع السلامة 

Note: In any you can use "salamo 3aleko" 

So, this is just a start .. I hope you guys like it :)
Please feel free to ask me anything you want ! :)
I'll go on with more if you like it :) and also feel free to suggest topics and vocabulary you'd like to know :)   
Thank you :) 



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