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Are you looking for help learning English?


 If you have a question, want to chat, or want some lessons, message me anytime! 



I want to speak English well.What do I do?Pleas help me


Wow. It would be free? Just to know it :P.


Hi Niki , thank you for your help , I'm Mohamed from Egypt and need to practice conversation because lake of this skills , can you help me ?


Message me if you have any questions. :)

kindely send me you yahoo email or add me in for improving

i want to speak and improve my english skills please help me

Hi. I want to practice my English by can you send me you yahoo then I add you.


ask me to follow you so you can message me on here :) i give out my email when someone becomes a student.

hi, just want to know by your experience which is the best book for toefl you have on line lessons?. thanks

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