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Hidden user in Italki website

I believed that provided participating in instructing society you should be frank. Some one have not picture on their profile! I think they are afraid of some thing like their appearance , peoples judgment and recognition!

On the other hand, They believe instructing not needs recognition!

But, I think it will  help others truth you for having moral communication

Are you comftable with hidden user?



No. I am not comfortable with Hidden users even if they are helping me. They are just spam. I think many even have strange pics instead of their face pic. I just avoid them. I am better than them.

i agree with you

can i ask a question

what is the meaning of provided participating

you can use "providing (that) " , "provided (that)" and "as long as" instead of "if" in if clause sentences.

nice question

i am agree with you

but its good to change it


so, why you don't use your personal picture!

 For cultural reasons, some people  do not put up their real photo in italki.

Mabye, you are punctilious.

I perfectly agree with you. Showing picture on profiles is something personal. Words speak louder than faces.

Faces may be forgotten, words not.Wink

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