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Portuguese keyboard letter accents?

Hello I am and english speaker learning portuguese and would like to know how to adjust the settings on my keyboard to allow me to use accents in my letters for example in the word atenca


I using windows XP 


If anybody could help I would really appreciate it 





I am using windows 7 so I'm not really sure about windows XP, but I think it is basically the same. Just go to your Control Panel, in the "Clock, Language and Region" section, then you can alter your keyboard. You just have to install the Portuguese keyboard (actually, I believe you just have to add it to the list of keyboards you have or something). The good thing is that you can type English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and several other languages with the Portuguese keyboard. After doing that, you just have to change the keyboard you are using in the language tool bar. Here you have a printscreen:


You will need to memorize the keyboard to find the accents. 
An image of the Portuguese keyboard to help you: 

This one should help:
(scroll down to "Windows Alt Codes")
You`ll have to use the numpad for typing the numbers.

Good luck!


You must change to Portuguese Brazilian ANBT 2.

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