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Hello! I would like to learn Japanese

Nice to meet all of you. I am looking for someone who could help me learn Japanese, as I am very interested in learning it. I know the basics already (at least most of it), but I am still a beginner, and my vocabulary is not great. I've been studying some kanji too. 

I know Norwegian and English fluently, and would be more than happy to learn it away. 

If you don't want to teach, and just chat, that is perfectly fine to.

Contact me if you are interested!




Welcome :) i can help u :)

I'm learning japanese too. maybe I can help youLaughing

Do you have Skype?

We can learn together ^^

maybe I can help you

is there any skype group to learn japanese?

i'd love to join that group ^^

hello I want to learn japanese too

my skype naturecat

I am madarin native speaker


A skype group would be great! I would join in too.

My skype is thegoldengoldfish, for those who would like to talk.

my skype is yiview. I added the two people above me that provided their skype and I created a group.

Look forward to chatting with you all. 


Post your skype and I'll add you into the group as well

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