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My British friend  said that Barbapapa was popular in the 1970's.

Barbapapas: Barbapapa, Barbamama, and the seven barbababies!


Barbazoo (Barbidou in French), yellow, male, lover of animals.
Barbalala, green, female, lover of music.
Barbalib (Barbotine in French, Barbottina in Italian), orange, female, lover of books.
Barbabeau (Barbouille in French, Barbabarba in Italian), black and furry, male, lover of art.
Barbabelle (Barbabella in Italian), purple, female, lover of beauty.
Barbabright (Barbibul in French, Barbabravo in Italian), blue, male, lover of science.
Barbaforte (Barbidur in French), red, male, lover of strength and heroism.



I think Barbalib is the most intersting character! :)

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