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What subject do you wish you had paid more attention to in school?

Hello! Smile I think this is an interesting question. . . I wish I had paid more attention to "Maths" I think it was one of the most important subjects at school! But I stopped paying attention when I didn't understand them! lol. . I guess if I paid more attention to maths I'd be quicker with numbers now! haha. . hmm never it's too late to learn or study again right?! Laughing


What about you????Smile



* Proud face *  

Same for me!! mathematical equations are my worst enemies Tongue Out but ooouuuu I'm quick, really quick; the only problem is that my results are a little bit bizarre and fantastic! Undecided

Ohh I see! haha well it's a good thing you're quick! lol Smile

I really agree with you.

I should have paid more attention to mathematics...


Math is the good tool for solving many problems in this world.

And the money is the number.Cry

All logics can be explained and origined from math.

However, if someone studied more, all subjects are finally connected and same at some level, he or she will knowCool 



To everything.

Yesss you're right! when I was at school I didn't realize how important were maths! And I was so bored always at class..Maybe the teachers I've had weren't that good explaining Tongue Out but what is true is that when I understood some math exercises, I was so happy! And I wanted to do more and more! Until I didn't understand them again hahah..

But for me everything is different. :)

I studyed math and fysics a lot, so now i'm an engineer.)))) But i'm really bad in history and geography, becouse i hadn't paid attention to these subjects at all.

definitely maths) and chemistry probably

To my mind every subject is important at school, because at school we are taught to be comprehensively developed in all spheres of human's life and at university we choose specialisation with which we will connect our life and in this case we can say about importance of some subjects.....

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