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My Arabic & English for your Spanish

¡Hola a todos! My name is Ameer, native Arabic speaker, and I really want to improve my spanish, because in September, I'm travelling to Spain to study, and if I don't get better at Spanish, I probably will face some difficulties.
I'm ready to teach Arabic & English in return..
So please, if you can help me, send me a message.
Muchas gracias Smile.



Hola, mi idioma es el español. I can help you if you want.

hola, hablo español , nos podemos ayudar mutuamente si deseas porque yo quiero mejorar mi ingles.

Hi, I speak Spanish , we can help each other if you want because   I want to improve my English

hi can u translate this sentence into arabic please : 'judge me by what is in my head not what is on my head'

Hola! I can also speak spanish and english and want to learn Arabic really bad. Feel free to email me at

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