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What is the best IM that supports voice chat?


It is such a pity that italki doesn't support group chat at the moment. Anyway, we will still figure out some other ways to chat with other members using at least the voice option. I have tried Skypecast before. And it supports voice chat for multiple users at the same time. Do you have better options with similar features?
Look forward to your reply on this.



I think msn is the best one when audio- video and it freezes not so much;; i like it better than skype. But i guess it depends on the internet connection that everyone has. I Dont think so distance makes a differnce.

I hope thats what you meant and if it wasnt well 

In my opinion, Skype is the best. 
Yeahhh, but in the other hand, I agree with Hannah
Depends on your internet connection


I have 256kbs inet. So the best choice for me is Skype. I can use video and sound in it simultaneously.

Skype is by far the best im chat program. It got close to zoero latency (lag,delay) and that makes it ideal to use for voice or video.
It's like talking on the phone =)

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