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Are you afraid to die or afraid to live?




Why fear of anything at all, not only dying. And dying it is not what we know in the world. In fact, we don't know, but will know. :)))

I fear none of the above :D

I'm surely afraid of death, but only sometimes of living because life is all we have.

Neither one, nor the other

i afraid of death

I afraid to die, because i am coward, maybe.... 

Since the beginning of time humans and animals died side by side. We all have to look into it one day. Thats why I do not fear it at all. Without death the world would be overpopulated and why should I be afraid? I'm not afraid of death the earth doesn't have much to offer to me anyway. I just hope that paradise will be open for me because I'm not sure about this fact. I do my very best to make it sure. But even as I was a non believer not long ago I also never feared it. I'm really fearless about death. But I also do not fear about life. I keep on living or I die so there is no big difference to me. So neither this nor the other is more fearsome to me. I have no fear about it at all.

I'm not afraid of death

I'm just afraid 2 feel pain when I die Undecided

Hopefully, none of themLaughing

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