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Skype English Speaking Practice - Group Conversation - Who is Up?

Okay I think a lot of us are looking for help to get their english language improved, whether it's speaking, writing, listening or whatsoever. It's really hard to find a Native English Speaker who could invest their time in bearing and helping lots of non-English speakers and specially for free so I have decided why not create a group where we have a group live/conversation. This may help others to get along with people and understand them also this is gonna be a group study one can teach other whatever he/she knows and vice versa. So who is up for it? Please give me your Skype ID's so I can add you up.

If you are interested, add me to skype "leosarena".



It's really a fabulous idea that u had, because why we have to wait for others native speakers for the sake of our improvement. There is a one more reason behind it, that is before communicating with native speakers, i think it's better to improve our basic skills. I'm ready to join in your group....


So launch it as early as possible...

Skype: sorbello.salvo

I have already launched it. Just add me to skype and ill add you to the group. :)


This is wonderful! I'll add you. And you all can add me: paulo.sergio191. Let's get it started!

I have added you.

Great, I'd like to join this group, we can practise more and improve speaking skills for each other. Hope to make friends with everyone.

My skype : yaphetsvn



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