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How can we make or world a peaceful place?Undecided



With no human beings living there.


It means it's only a dream...a utopia!


It's a long process and I think that todays people will not able to wait for it........

It's only possible by changing human perception about the world. Actually, this

world is not a dangerous place to live in. Everything is good, and holy here. Human 

is only responsible for darkness in this world. This darkness can be eradicated by

bringing light of love, raising brotherhood feeling among people, and providing better

education. May god bless all souls on this planet.

You should start the change in yourself. 

Start from your home, neighborhood, your city, your country, next country. after that go to space.. lol 

I agree, personally I think that we should be tolerant enough to each other. This is toleration that prevents us from breeding antagonism in our hearts.

I don't know..

It's possible when human beings are able to think. So simple...

no,because there are deserts of people in the world.

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