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Conversations in English/Skype......Intermediate Level

Hello, Friends.

I m at Intermedia Level in Speaking English. I need the partners who are good at speaking in English (Intermediate Level or Higher).


Skype ID: technicaltips


Intersted partners may send the add request!.






I don't know how successful your partner search has been so far, but I'd love to help you. I am a paid teacher here on italki, but I have about 11 years of experience teaching English, and have a strong background in speaking. I'm just starting here on italki, but I think that you'd find that having a trained teacher to help guide you in the right direction would be very useful!


If you are interested, please feel free to visit my teacher profile. I offer speaking and tutoring sessions at 80 ITC per session, and I believe packages of 10 sessions receive a discount. If you aren't interested, then I hope you find someone to help you! :)


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