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hi there. i can help u practice korean by kakaotalk.

i'm a native korean speaker. so if u wanna develope your korean, i can help you. i think who can write in korean at least some sentances would be good to practice by kakaotalk chatting. my id is qwertqw.

feel free to text me~




안녕하세요~ My ID is: nii3 I will add you, 너무 감사해요 ^^

wow its so nice can u help me about the korean langauge because im so interesting

annyeong i hope u will help me

you are welcome!

nice to meet u.

same to u nice to meet then thanks for,, can you give the fullsite to help me the korean langauge thank you i hope u will give me

i didnt know which site u can learn korean at. so i googled and found these sites.

thnx very much


I'm learning Korean too! If it's okay, I'll add you on Kakaotalk. My ID is dreamingtotoro.

진짜 고마워요!

hi! haha ur welcome!!

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