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Pervertic old foreigners who like young Kpop girls .

I've seen so many..With the age of almost 30 or  40 . They want to come Korea just because of those plastic surgery girls on the media . So weird .

I think those kinda people are pretty loser in their own country.. arent they?






i've actually never even heard of that. Only of Korean adults liking kpop girls. the...ajushi fans? I thought that groups like snsd had alot, because of their image.


yea it's not hard to imagine that there are men like that. Thinking of men having bad thoughts about minors is bad, but it's also what some of the managers/company's want. They promote the girls in a certain way HOPING older man will think that way about them and buy things with them on it. It's bad on both ends. I tend to not support people promoted that way so they get things more fitting for their ages once the overly sexy things don't sell.

A major part of this problem is the sexualization (showing young girls in a sexual manner) of younger and younger girls in the entertainment industry. It is entirely inappropriate for 12-14 year old girls to be wearing the costumes they do. It seems that the kpop managers have no moral boundary at all.


Just for the record, my idea of a young woman is about 30 :)



btw, just a grammar point, perverted instead of pervertic.

Well. I have contacted tons of them .


In particular,I've met really perverted a guy from Denmark.


He was really into Kpop girls and always talked about girls from Asia.


Even, he flied fo Korea to meet girls !


That's so true >.>



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