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Korean Music?


I know alot of people get intrested in languages through music, so i was wondering if anyone in this group likes Korean music, and what kind. It's ok if it's not only kpop, i actually listen to more music in Korean than just that.




Same here. I grew up with lots of styles of music and different languages (mostly Japanese and Jamaician songs) so liking songs in other languages was natural to me.


I can't remember what my first Korean song was since it was a long time ago, but I started to keep track of the songs I liked with 2ne1. From them I got in to Big Bang,Brown Eyed Girls and a whole bunch of other groups, and now im also into a lot of Korean hip hop like Yoon Mirae, Tiger JK, and Zico (from Block B)


I dont really have alot of ballads, but i do have a few slower songs. Like They are coming by Whesung ft Ailee.

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