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What do you think about TV series as a way to learn english?

I've watch some TV series and I learn something doing that, about pronuntiation and the expressions ¿? 

So, what do you think about it?



I like to watch series and movies with subtitles in English. It's easier and helps a lot. It's like reading and listening at the same time xD

yes,TV series can help us to improve language :D

I watch tv serıes wıth subtıtles ın Englısh. thıs ıs quıte effectıve.:) I learn so much thıngs thıs way.   

There are a number of ways which you can rewrite your sentences: Something about the way it's written doesn't sound right. I've added some words into your sentence so it flows more :] Remember to keep your tenses constant throughout your sentences. 


I've been watching some TV series and I've learnt something while doing that, about pronuntiation and the expressions ¿? 

So, what do you think about it?


When I watch TV series, I learn something while doing that, about pronuntiation and the expressions ¿? 

So, what do you think about it?


yes, absolutely ,it helps a lot, Ive been watching american tv shows/programs since i was 5 yrs old. It really helped my listening skills as well as my vocabulary. I often advice my students to watch american tv shows, as it will expand their vocabulary and improve their pronunciation.


Watchingo series and sitcoms can be a good way to learn English. I usually watch FRIENDS because there are lot dialogues and the same time, I have a lot of fun while I am watching.



Personally I'd think it's a good way to do it, especially when you've got "different types" of English.


I guess, what I mean by that is you'd eventually get used to how American English is spoken/expressed as opposed to British English, Canadian and Austrailian, all those different wordings for a start.

Also you'd be able to pick up on all of those words that are spelled differently, if there were any subtitles. Of course, all depending on what you want to watch.


I'm not so sure on how the likes of Irish and Welsh English speaking programmes would be, but with Scottish, I guess the only slight difference I've seen is that we can use our own wording and 'slang'/dialects... which, even to another English speaker might be confusing if they have no idea what people are saying, especially if the accent is thick.




Can you advise how can I set up the settings to have an English subtitles while I'm watching TV serials?

Thanks in advance!!!

Hey Alexandra! That depends if you´re watching them in your computer, or   TV.

For computer there's sites where you can download subtitles for diferent tv series, they are .sqrt files for examplo here:

I'm not sure how legal is this on your country, so be careful Jajaja. 

And that's for Windows... If you have a doubt, you can tell  me.


Sorry for my way to explain, I'm learning english yet!

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