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My name is Christian and my native language is spanish, so if someone need help can contact me, i would be glad to help you... i want to improve my english and if someone is chinese can help me too ... my Skype account is cmdd123 ;)



r u live in beijing?

no, i live in Perú... you are in Beijing?

I don't speak very good english and either chines but i need some help for spanish! if you want i can help you to learn italian :D

... i don't have skype... is it a problem???

don't worry. would be great learn italian... uhm it isn't a problem, nice to meet you :)

hi i want learn spanish  and i need someone  to help me. i speak arabic very much so  if every body want learn my languge  i woulb be glad to help you 

i can help you... wow, arab! i'm available to learn languages so it would be a great experience.

Hi! I want to learn Spanish. Smile Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, u are welcome... i can help you if you want :)

Hey! Im fluent in english... I can teach you English and you can teach me spanish... what can you say??

ja! im glad to see u here!  Quiero estudiar espanol,¿puedes ayudarme? tambien, puedo ayudarte en to chino!

¡¡¡Mucho gusto!!!

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