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hello, why it is needed to speak in English when i know Hindi as my native language?

... as in my college ,it is needed to speak in English in our personality development classes .Can we not develop our personality as we know my native language??



maybe because english is important language in all over the world . it's first world language

English is the international language. as Hindi is your native language, you can only talk to the people who know Hindi, but what about the others? Anyone would like to have friends from abroad. Besides, knowing English helps you to better understand other people and other cultures, except for yours. Plus, if you go abroad/travel around the world, you cannot talk to the people who dont know Hindi, so they cannot help you when you are in need. English is very important :D

but english is not a language to learn in one day


If you learn how to speak English it will help you communicate with many people from other countries.

no language is to learn on one day.

It is not really necessary to learn English. It all depends on your personal life. If you plan to participate in the global economy, then learning English is necessary in order to compete in business, since speaking English is often a requirement of employment. But if you decide that your career really does not need the knowledge of English, then you can be perfectly content and successful by speaking only Hindi.

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