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Will you grant my wish and be my friend from Japan?

My name is Alicia, and I simply wish to make friends with people who live in Japan and to learn about Japanese culture.  I would be forever grateful if someone from Japan would find it in his or her heart to be my friend and share things with me about their homeland!!!   I've had a sentimental connection to Japan ever since I was a little girl but I can't explain why, and I have been trying to get in contact with someone from Japan who would be willing to do talk with me but alas I've had no luck!!!  Please will someone help me?


Sincerely, Alicia


P S its my dream to go to Japan someday, but this is the first step :)



now i'm learning japanese, maybe i can talk in japanese with you Laughing

I want to make friends with japanese too

Maybe I can help you!

Go for it!

 if you would like to learn it , i can help you !


best regards 

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