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New English words??

I've got a problem with learning new words in English, like I can't always memorize them .

whenever I find new words in any magazine,novel,newspaper....etc,i write them down in a notebook with thier translation so I can learn them ,and now i have like thousands of words that I'm sure I can't remember some of them ,but i really want to learn as much words as I can ,so do you have the same problem?? and do you know an effective way to learn new words (especially  those hard words that have many letters) and remember them later???

thanks in advance!! :]




I suggest using a Spaced Repetition System to study. Vocabulary is scheduled to review over longer and longer time periods before you forget it. For example, I like the free program Anki SRS.


Hi Nina,


First of all let me ask, what is your native language?

I have taught many Chinese students who do the same thing you do. They have notebooks filled with vocabualry words that they have trouble remembering.


One trick I do with them is word associaton. That being, find something about the word that is funny or that makes you think of something else. There are many words in Chinese that sound like something strange or interesting in English, and that is one way I can remember Chinese vocabualry. I teach them to do the same thing with Chinese.


Also, I should recommend that you not try to translate words all the time. This is an old fashioned way of learning languages. I know this might sound a bit crazy, but think of the way you learned your first language when you were a child.. did you translate words then?  When you are practicing English, try to think only in English.

That's my problem too. I started learning English about 5 years ago and I think I have learnt quite a lot. I can talk with people who speak English, and yeah. But I still find some problems. My biggest problem is I don’t know enough words. I often repeat the same words. I find it difficult if I’m talking to someone about a subject that I don’t know. It’s very frustrating and I very quickly don’t know what to say. My teacher tells me I need to expand my vocabulary range.
Another problem is remembering words. Sometimes I hear a word, I don’t understand and ask the person. The problem is about five minutes later I have already forgotten the word. But... Well, I don’t know what to do about this problem. Maybe I don’t listen well enough. I’m maybe concentrating on understanding the main point of the conversation that I forget the individual words. I think you need to hear words lots of different times to really remember new ones.

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