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help me, please

Please, tell me about meaning "Whiff-Waff"?






 Hello  Алеся:


 I cannot be absolutely certain, but it certainly appears to be one of the many common "slang" expressions which mean basically,  "nonsense" or "silly stuff".


 There are many such terms that  can be found in English communication, usually oral communication.  Here are some other expressions which refer to the same:


  Baloney,   Fol---De---Rol,    Riff-Raff,  Bull-Whackey  (meaning manure), crap ... 

---Warm Regards,  Bruce

okay,, i will be a good helper

Thanks, Bruce. ))

I let the Arab and you teach me English

what kind of help can i be?

Wiff-Waff is an oollllllddddd old old name for table tennis/ping pong

Hi!! you know it was difficult for me known the meaning, first because is an old Scottish word, that define ping pong or ping pong.


Have a good one.

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