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Egyptian & Fusha

beleive me or not, in about 20 years in future, the egptian will take place of fusha, since it is widely use in songs, films,poetries, and acadic fields are coming. and finally take over the Fus'ha place. becuz not body really use fusha, maybe only 5 % of whole arabe use it. and also the fusha is not really accept in all arabe street real life and not really support and promot in school as a real "liveing language" so, if any of you doubt in choosing which arabic, never hesitate to take ED. and you'll never regret and understand by all over the world. and never struggle on the arabe streetss as MSA(fusha) encountering.  @Rami "Arabic (fusha) is the language of Quran" it is nice to say this phrase, but you should wake up from the dream and see the reality. if the arabe nation still don't promot the MSA(fusha) as "liveing language" in seriously, then, there is no hope, it is just lying to yourself.




Hello, I don't agree with you Mohamed, The fusha will stay in over your life, because we cannot understand each others by using the other accents. The fusha is usually using in our accent, just you have to listen as well, and then you'll understand that the different is about the pronunciation that's all. For the foreign people, they think fusha isn't useful and we don't speak it in our daily life and no arab speak the fusha, but in reality we do speak fusha a lot even you don't notice that. So no way to an accent replace the Fusha forever, because fusha is the tree of every accent, and also we do use it for teaching, learning quran, writing books, and also explaining the things for everybody around the world.

Hi, man with all my respect, what you are saying is just extremely untrue. I'd like to answer each point but I don't have time to go through all of them, hope someone will do. I'll put it basically this way "Arabic (fusha) is the language of Quran". I hope you understand what I mean :) Cheers


That's a long discussion! If you want, we can talk about that on Skype!

20 years !!! Alfuss-ha and Arabic dialects are coexisted since almost 800 years !! Dialects takes from alfuss-ha more than alfuss-ha does.


Well, I see that you have putted down some other things, well let me ask a question? can we replace an accent in place of the official language? it's something illogical to image that. Perhaps you feel down with the Fusha because you cannot everything's done on it or perhaps you cannot find lots of sources about it. I agree that you cannot find lots of sources " i meant audios, videos" to check the fusha words as in The Egyptian accent. Therefore, you don't see the most important part Fusha is the basic language of all accents, is the language of the Qur'an, the saying of the prophet. in addition, you have to watch the real arab channel not that you see for now about the movies and series, i feel you limit the language in the movies and films and spoken life. Who tells you we don't care about the fusha or 5% of Arab speak Arabic? do you notice that by yourself? do you have the prove of your saying. You have to know as a learner we are the native speakers and it will be misunderstood saying something about our mother language and stay a way watching. remember we cannot put down something big on something small. :) I think you understand what I meant.

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